Bull Centaurs, Plague Drones

MAybug Plague Drones of Nurgle

Maybug Nurgle Bullcentaurs
This bulls are enormous! I am practising a lot skin painting for WFB monsters, and weathering metllics. Actually it is hardly a challange: 1.very bright silver basecoat 2.wash with reikland flashade 3.paint with dirty water, let say 7water:1paint. best paints are dark browns, oranges and blue/greens. 4.drybrush with bright metallic. 5. finallly You can aibrush a little bit of ‘dust’ – vallejo golden brown.

Maybug Riptide

Maybug Riptide
I love it. One of the most efficiently painted model ever. Fast with the result. I would love to paint more with this colors. I added some red parts to give him commander look and underline his head. The worst thing is to paint all parts without knowing the final result : ). Weapons are magnet attached.

Preheresy Salamanders 4th Wave

Maybug Games Pre Heresy Salamanders Cestus Assault Ram 1

Hello, I am back! Since Salamanders I painted another army, but due to my customer’s will I haven’t published photos. Soon I will start making some step-by-steps. At this moment at my desk are: DIRZ (still!), pre-heresy Night-Lords, Dreadfleet, some Nurgle and Tau. Sorry for delays! I guess I evolve as pre-heresy army painter . There will be more Salamanders when FW adds unique legion models.

Tau Farsight Enclaves Riptide

Maybug Tau Farsight Enclave Riptide 2

I am practising rusty-dusty! High-tech city-fight pattern. I enjoy this weather effect, but painting it was very inefficient.

Slaanesh Army 2nd Wave

Maybug Slaanesh Army 2nd Wave Demon Prince 2

Eldar Alaitoc Craftworld Hornets

Maybug Eldar Alaitoc Craftworld Hornets 1

In my opinion one of the best pattern I have ever used. I would love to have such an army for my own!