Confrontation Mid-Nor reinforcements, Menoth Deliverers

The reinforcements for Confrontation Dwarves and Warmachine PoM. Confrontation models are my favorite to paint, at this moment I have awesome Dirz army at my working desk. Together with almost done Salamanders reinforcements and Bushido Ito Clan. I am planning serious step by step for Dirz. And some snap shots of my gaming room! 6 glass showcases and 4 gaming boards = )
Confrontation Mid-Nor 1

Blood Bowl Orcs, Necromantic, Underworld Teams

Blood Bowl Orc Team
Blood Bowl is like war, no winners, just survivers!
Some of my teams :)). As I play Blood Bowl a lot, the number of painted teams tends to raise. Orcs and Necromantic are from Gaspez arts, I recommend! Great cast metal models. Underworld is fully converted. I used old wfb metal ogre as a base for the troll, old skaven globadiers as throwers, plague monks as linemen, and Privateer Press whelps, and Gaspez goblins as mutating goblins :)
At this moment I have converted Chaos Pact team, ready for painting.Blood Bowl Underworld TeamBlood Bowl Necromantic Team