Bull Centaurs, Plague Drones

MAybug Plague Drones of Nurgle

Maybug Nurgle Bullcentaurs
This bulls are enormous! I am practising a lot skin painting for WFB monsters, and weathering metllics. Actually it is hardly a challange: 1.very bright silver basecoat 2.wash with reikland flashade 3.paint with dirty water, let say 7water:1paint. best paints are dark browns, oranges and blue/greens. 4.drybrush with bright metallic. 5. finallly You can aibrush a little bit of ‘dust’ – vallejo golden brown.

Dark Angels Nephilim Fighter

The first space marine’s flyer I really like : )
Dark Angels Nephilim Fighter 2

Bushido The Ito Clan

Check this out: http://www.bushido-thegame.com/ .Very interesting, high quality models, small company with a big potential.
Bushido The Ito Clan 2

Blood Bowl Orcs, Necromantic, Underworld Teams

Blood Bowl Orc Team
Blood Bowl is like war, no winners, just survivers!
Some of my teams :)). As I play Blood Bowl a lot, the number of painted teams tends to raise. Orcs and Necromantic are from Gaspez arts, I recommend! Great cast metal models. Underworld is fully converted. I used old wfb metal ogre as a base for the troll, old skaven globadiers as throwers, plague monks as linemen, and Privateer Press whelps, and Gaspez goblins as mutating goblins :)
At this moment I have converted Chaos Pact team, ready for painting.Blood Bowl Underworld TeamBlood Bowl Necromantic Team

Blood Angels Stormraven Gunship

Blood Angels Stormraven Gunship Front-SideBlood Angels Stormraven Gunship Front

I am not a big fan of weather effects and realistic painting, however I aspire to became all-purpose artist. So I tried additional shadings and scratched armor plates. Soon I am going to paint rusty Chaos Space Marines Squad of Nurgle, using new 6th edition models :).

This is my second serious freehand after the one for Dark Eldars Treasure Hunters army and since feedback is positive I will make more. Continue reading