Preheresy Salamanders 4th Wave

Maybug Games Pre Heresy Salamanders Cestus Assault Ram 1

Hello, I am back! Since Salamanders I painted another army, but due to my customer’s will I haven’t published photos. Soon I will start making some step-by-steps. At this moment at my desk are: DIRZ (still!), pre-heresy Night-Lords, Dreadfleet, some Nurgle and Tau. Sorry for delays! I guess I evolve as pre-heresy army painter . There will be more Salamanders when FW adds unique legion models.

Tau Farsight Enclaves Riptide

Maybug Tau Farsight Enclave Riptide 2

I am practising rusty-dusty! High-tech city-fight pattern. I enjoy this weather effect, but painting it was very inefficient.

Dark Angels

Dark Angels Scouts

Dark Angels Nephilim Fighter

The first space marine’s flyer I really like : )
Dark Angels Nephilim Fighter 2

Pre-heresy Salamanders 3id wave

Finally another 60 Space Marines are done = ). So in total for Vignes: near 120 power armor models, 25 terminators, a lot of HQ, and squadron of contemptors, dreadnoughts and rapiers. In next wave mass of vehicles!
Pre-heresy Salamander's Heavy Weapon Squads

Dark Eldar Treasure Hunters 3id wave

Finally I have a moment to publish new photos. I love jetfighters, and this homunculi is the only finecast model I received in almost perfect condition = ). I will paint more models in similar style as homunculi, but for the Confrontation Dirz army!
Dark Eldar Treasure Hunters Homunculus 1

Death Guard Army 2nd Wave

Converted by my customer, Marco.Warp talons are my favorites = ) . I decided to keep all models uniform, in rusty style. It was a litle bit limiting in Helbrute’s case, anyway I hope You like it.Death Guard Warp Talons 1

PreHeresy World Eaters 1st Wave

The second pre-heresy army I am painting for Kevin. Emperror’s Children were sugar, now dirty World Eaters, I hope You enjoy.