Maybug Riptide

Maybug Riptide
I love it. One of the most efficiently painted model ever. Fast with the result. I would love to paint more with this colors. I added some red parts to give him commander look and underline his head. The worst thing is to paint all parts without knowing the final result : ). Weapons are magnet attached.

Eldar Alaitoc Craftworld Hornets

Maybug Eldar Alaitoc Craftworld Hornets 1

In my opinion one of the best pattern I have ever used. I would love to have such an army for my own!

Test Rhino

Showtime! I tested my new aibrush templates, so I grabed a rhino from my bits box (it is common to find full models there even whole armies :), and after couple of hours here You are. There will be a lot of fun with new vehicles =). I can sell the rhino for 50gbp, if You are interested, pm.Testing Space Marines Rhino 1Testing Space Marines Rhino 2

Chaos Space Marines Heldrake

This model is almost done, but still needs a few details. Howerver I will not publish more photos, as I’ll ship it soon. It looks pretty cool at the game board, but painting was hard, with so many ornament surfaces (even painting neat black is a challange) By the way, I finally get my aibrush templates, so be prepared for something cool = )