Eldar army, first wave

This is an army of my friend, he stopped playing wh40k.
I re-mastered it. Whole army is close to apocalypse-size.
Some models are for saleMaybug_Eldars1






Steel Legion Imperial Guard army

This is an army of my friend, he stopped playing wh40k.
I re-mastered it, and here You are.
For sale













Preheresy Salamanders 4th Wave

Maybug Games Pre Heresy Salamanders Cestus Assault Ram 1

Hello, I am back! Since Salamanders I painted another army, but due to my customer’s will I haven’t published photos. Soon I will start making some step-by-steps. At this moment at my desk are: DIRZ (still!), pre-heresy Night-Lords, Dreadfleet, some Nurgle and Tau. Sorry for delays! I guess I evolve as pre-heresy army painter . There will be more Salamanders when FW adds unique legion models.

Tau Farsight Enclaves Riptide

Maybug Tau Farsight Enclave Riptide 2

I am practising rusty-dusty! High-tech city-fight pattern. I enjoy this weather effect, but painting it was very inefficient.

Dark Angels

Dark Angels Scouts

Dark Angels Nephilim Fighter

The first space marine’s flyer I really like : )
Dark Angels Nephilim Fighter 2

Pre-heresy Salamanders 3id wave

Finally another 60 Space Marines are done = ). So in total for Vignes: near 120 power armor models, 25 terminators, a lot of HQ, and squadron of contemptors, dreadnoughts and rapiers. In next wave mass of vehicles!
Pre-heresy Salamander's Heavy Weapon Squads

Dark Eldar Treasure Hunters 3id wave

Finally I have a moment to publish new photos. I love jetfighters, and this homunculi is the only finecast model I received in almost perfect condition = ). I will paint more models in similar style as homunculi, but for the Confrontation Dirz army!
Dark Eldar Treasure Hunters Homunculus 1

Death Guard Army 2nd Wave

Converted by my customer, Marco.Warp talons are my favorites = ) . I decided to keep all models uniform, in rusty style. It was a litle bit limiting in Helbrute’s case, anyway I hope You like it.Death Guard Warp Talons 1

PreHeresy World Eaters 1st Wave

The second pre-heresy army I am painting for Kevin. Emperror’s Children were sugar, now dirty World Eaters, I hope You enjoy.

Pre Heresy Salamanders Force. Second wave

Pre Heresy Salamanders Force
Check this out! The second part of Salamanders Force : )). Primarch Vulkan, Squadron of mighty conteptors, and a few characters. Stay tuned for thunderhawk, Spartan Land Raiders, Cathapractii terminators, and evenmore! Coming on January..Pre Heresy Salamanders Force Continue reading

Pre Heresy Salamanders Force

Pre Heresy Salamanders Force frot
First part of the huuuge force. I decided to paint this 58 sm at the beginning, as I knew I wouldn’t have strenght to paint all of them later… Tough work even for me! But the result is very fine, and every next model after it, is only a pleasure :). Stay tuned for the primarch, and 3 contemptors.Pre Heresy Salamanders Force Continue reading

Death Guard Chosen

Death Guard Chosen 1 front
Finally great opportunity to paint rusty-rotten style. Great new Chaos Space Marines models, some Forge World upgraded by Max-Mini helmets and backpack and The lord converted by my customer. I hope to paint more Chaos soon!Death Guard Chosen 2 front Continue reading

Dark Eldar Treasure Hunters Harlequins & Incubi

Dark Eldar Treasure Hunters Harlequins front
I was very lucky to get older metal Incubi and Harlequins instead of low quality ‘fine’ cast. As before with Dark Eldars Treasure Hunters army I had freehand to choose colors. The idea was to paint Harlequins far different from common joker style, to look more Dark Eldar style. I used limited color palette.
Dark Eldar Treasure Hunters Incubi front Continue reading

Blood Angels Stormraven Gunship

Blood Angels Stormraven Gunship Front-SideBlood Angels Stormraven Gunship Front

I am not a big fan of weather effects and realistic painting, however I aspire to became all-purpose artist. So I tried additional shadings and scratched armor plates. Soon I am going to paint rusty Chaos Space Marines Squad of Nurgle, using new 6th edition models :).

This is my second serious freehand after the one for Dark Eldars Treasure Hunters army and since feedback is positive I will make more. Continue reading

Dark Eldar Treasure Hunters

Dark Eldar Razorwing JetfighterDark Eldar Raider and Warriors Continue reading

Dark Eldar Razorwing Jetfighter

Dark Eldar Razorwing Jetfighter 1Dark Eldar Razorwing Jetfighter 2

Pre Heresy Emperors Childrens

Pre Heresy Emperors Childrens Jet Bike Squad 1Pre Heresy Emperors Childrens Rapier Laser Destroyer & Lucius the Eternal 1 Continue reading

Contemptor Pattern Dreadnought

Contemptor Pattern Dreadnought 01Contemptor Pattern Dreadnought 04 Continue reading

Brass Scorpion and Khorne Blood Slaughterers

Brass ScorpionKhorne Blood Slaughterers Continue reading

Chaos Dreadclaw Assault Pod

Chaos Dreadclaw Assault PodChaos Dreadclaw Assault Pod 2

Tau Empire Army

Continue reading

Necrons Army

Continue reading

Necron Monolith

Necron Monolith 1Necron Monolith 2 Continue reading

Chaos Space Marines of Nurgle

Chaos Space Marines Nurgle 1 Land RaiderChaos Space Marines Nurgle 2 Dreadnought Continue reading

Abaddon and Chaos Space Marines of Khorne

Abaddon the Despoiler 1Abaddon the Despoiler 2 Continue reading

Chaos Land Raiders

Chaos Land Raider 0Chaos Land Raider 1 Continue reading

Khorn Berserkers Army – count as Space Wolves

Khorn Juggernaut Rider Cs Wolf LordKhorn Independent Characters Continue reading

Ork Dread Mob Army

Ork Dread Mob Army - Big MekOrk Dread Mob Army - Mega Dread frontOrk Dread Mob Army - Big Mek Junka Continue reading

Blood Angels Command Squad and Blood Angels Terminator Captain

Blood Angels Command Squad frontBlood Angels Terminator Captain front Continue reading

Ork Dread Mob army preview (IA8 Raid on Kastorel Novem) – Looted Boomgun Wagon

Looted Boomgun Wagon 1 Continue reading

Death Company Storm Raven Gunship and Dreadnought

Death Company Storm Raven Gunship 1Death Company Dreadnought 1 Continue reading

Astorath the Grim

Astorath the Grim 1 Continue reading

Eldar Strike Force

Eldar Strike Force Warlock and FarseersEldar Strike Force Howling Banshees Continue reading

Snguinary Guards with Chapter Master of the Blood Angels Supreme Commander Dante

Supreme Commander Dante with Snguinary GuardSnguinary Guards with Supreme Commander Dante