Dark Angels

Dark Angels Scouts

Dark Angels Nephilim Fighter

The first space marine’s flyer I really like : )
Dark Angels Nephilim Fighter 2

Pre-heresy Salamanders 3id wave

Finally another 60 Space Marines are done = ). So in total for Vignes: near 120 power armor models, 25 terminators, a lot of HQ, and squadron of contemptors, dreadnoughts and rapiers. In next wave mass of vehicles!
Pre-heresy Salamander's Heavy Weapon Squads

Bushido The Ito Clan

Check this out: http://www.bushido-thegame.com/ .Very interesting, high quality models, small company with a big potential.
Bushido The Ito Clan 2

Dark Eldar Treasure Hunters 3id wave

Finally I have a moment to publish new photos. I love jetfighters, and this homunculi is the only finecast model I received in almost perfect condition = ). I will paint more models in similar style as homunculi, but for the Confrontation Dirz army!
Dark Eldar Treasure Hunters Homunculus 1

Confrontation Mid-Nor reinforcements, Menoth Deliverers

The reinforcements for Confrontation Dwarves and Warmachine PoM. Confrontation models are my favorite to paint, at this moment I have awesome Dirz army at my working desk. Together with almost done Salamanders reinforcements and Bushido Ito Clan. I am planning serious step by step for Dirz. And some snap shots of my gaming room! 6 glass showcases and 4 gaming boards = )
Confrontation Mid-Nor 1

Retribution of Scyrah

Models are not that well painted as last RoS. It is because I don’t have much time for painting my own models, and I use only fast techniques. Wonderful bases are from Tabletop-Art. I’ve painted all Housguard Halabardiers the same day ; )
Retribution of Scyrah Thane 2

Test Rhino

Showtime! I tested my new aibrush templates, so I grabed a rhino from my bits box (it is common to find full models there even whole armies :), and after couple of hours here You are. There will be a lot of fun with new vehicles =). I can sell the rhino for 50gbp, if You are interested, pm.Testing Space Marines Rhino 1Testing Space Marines Rhino 2

Retribution of Scyrah Hyperion Colossal

Lovely. At this moment I am overhelmed with Salamanders Apocalypse force, but soon: more warmachine models, Dark Angels, Confrontation Dirz showcase army and much more = )Retribution of Scyrah Hyperion Colossal 5